Reduce risk
with a proven innovation process

Apply a design-driven iterative process to develop concepts and validate your assumptions right from the start.

400% ROI £4 of net profit for every £1 invested in design – Design Council UK

Enable new products and services
by exploiting the right opportunities

Understand your current and future context through customer research and future thinking. Turn these valuable insights into actionable outcomes.

2x Design-led companies launch 2x more new products than the average – Design Council UK

Build capacity
through hands-on involvement

Our hands-on collaborative approach inspires and energizes. With active involvement your team truly owns their own growth process: a key element of transformation.

211% Design-conscious businesses outperform FTSE 500 ones by over 200% – Design Management Institute
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Strategic design for different needs

Innovation initiatives

Gain situational awareness to reduce the risk of new projects.

The path to innovation is uncertain. We help you gain new perspectives and see the big picture. By understanding what customers want and how major trends shape your industry you will move forward with confidence. A co-creative approach ensures ownership, alignment and buy-in from your stakeholders.

Services for innovation:

  • Futurecasting: go from a reactive to a proactive strategy by creating plausible visions of the future you would like to reach.
  • Applied Qualitative Customer Research: take your innovation strategy in the right direction based on major opportunity areas and customer needs.
  • Visual storytelling & prototyping: align stakeholders and make strong moves with contagious and tangible ideas.
  • Executive trainings: tackle challenges and solve problems with new skills (Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Qualitative Customer Research, Future Thinking.)
  • Consultation & mentoring: an external expert will help you move past barriers by offering a fresh view and approach.

Product/service development

Build the right products and increase customer satisfaction.

What motivates and drives your customers’ choices? Analytics can tell you the what, when and where, but rarely gives insights into the why of customer behavior. Our opportunity finding and experimentation-services will reveal important industry trends and motivations, allowing you to test early ideas quickly and securely. Having your product teams involved leads to new skill acquisition, confidence and a sense of ownership.

Services for product development:

  • Trend Briefing: learn about major trends that will affect your business within the next 3-10 years.
  • Empathy Day(s): together we spend a facilitated day with your customers developing a deeper understanding of their needs and motivations.
  • Applied Qualitative Customer Research: understand your current/future customers’ behavioral patterns and needs to build products that solve real problems.
  • Facilitated Design Sprints: explore ideas, develop concepts and prototype in a 1-week intensive program.
  • Experimentation & Prototyping: validate product features by making ideas tangible and testing them with your customers.
  • Vision, Strategy & Roadmapping Workshop: align and empower your product team through co-creation and clear action points.

Organisational change

Take a hands-on approach to transform your organisational culture

Even the best strategy won’t get you to your goal without the right mindset and capabilities within all layers of your organisation. The most effective way to learn new skills is to apply them in real life situations. That is why all our workshops and trainings follow the learn-by-doing approach. Together, we explore and discover real challenges to be addressed during trainings allowing you to not only support, but fuel change.

Services to support change:

  • Empathy & Qualitative Customer Research: learn how to explore customer needs without directly asking them what they want.
  • Trends & Future Thinking: explore where to look for trends, how to read them and how to put them into context.
  • Design Thinking for Agile Teams: learn how to apply the proven innovation methodology to agile product development.
  • Design Thinking for Product Owners: learn how to create customer-centered product visions and actionable backlog items.
  • Design Thinking for Agile Coaches: learn how to empower agile development teams with Design Thinking methods and tools.
  • Applied workshops: tackle an innovation challenge with your team and kickstart your project while learning design methods.

What we do

Opportunity Finding


Get ahead of your competition. Explore current and future industry trends and be prepared for all the likeliest scenarios.

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Applied qualitative research

Immerse yourself into the lives of your customers, identify the right problem(s) to solve to build products and services that they love.

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Solution Definition

Product-Service Design

Equip your team with an agile mindset: develop concepts and rapidly validate them to reduce the risks of product and service development.

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Not your typical consultants

Our company name is not an accident. “Play” stands for three values that guide our work:


Dare to explore. Staying curious and trying out new things is at the heart of what we do.


You are part of this. We involve you from the start to build ownership of the solution and adopt the mindset.


Doing is also thinking. We make everything tangible and actionable allowing you to learn along the way.



Disrupting one of the largest banks in the world from within

How will the the bank of the future contribute value to our society?

We are excited to announce that a RtP consultant has taken the role of Strategic Design Lead of a team at the ING Innovation Studio in Amsterdam. The task is to make vague ideas tangible, define the value proposition, prototype and test concepts. in collaboration with our customer’s team.

The details of the project are confidential, but here some keywords to spark your curiosity: customer insights, data, ecosystem, semantics…


Understanding the role of weather in our lives

“I don’t need to know how strong and from where the wind blows. I want to know how much longer I’ll cycle under these conditions.”

How does one go about innovating the UX of weather predictions? To think outside the box, we started by asking: what is our relationship to the weather? And how does it impact our lives? Our qualitative customer research led to a primary conclusion: it’s not the information about the weather that users are interested in, they want to know how it will impact their lives.

Get our weather research report.


Empowering Capgemini engineers with creative problem solving skills

How can Agile benefit from Design Thinking?

Agile has enabled teams to build and deploy features on a weekly, even daily, basis. But this poses a new challenge: how do we ensure efforts are spent in the right place? We addressed this with a 2-day hands-on Design Thinking for Engineers workshop at Capgemini. This enabled participants to see their role beyond the implementation of features and equipped them with tools to creatively solve user problems.

Learn more about Design Thinking for Agile.

Container Solutions

Embedding strategic design into IT consulting

How does understanding your customers’ needs can move you up the value chain?

What began as a sales experiment, rapidly became a core strategic project extending the value proposition of Container Solutions. Our collaboration offered a strategic design element that not only resulted in the development of valuable tools and processes, but also an important shift in strategy giving CS a competitive edge.


What does the future of funerals look like?

Four scenarios that hint at the way we’ll celebrate death in the future.

Death is a business with steady demand. This doesn’t mean that it’s a stable one. Customer demands are shaped by constantly changing cultural trends. How can the biggest funeral insurer in the Netherlands envision the future and proactively create it? Together with our friends at Monnik we explored major trends and proposed 4 possible future scenarios that can protect their business.

See the trends report.

Learn more about Futurecasting.


Transforming an abstract idea into a commercial digital product

How do you create momentum and buy-in throughout a multinational enterprise?

For an idea to materialize, it needs to be communicated and placed in motion through an iterative prototyping process. The first step is to “get it down on paper”. This gives space for the idea to be seen from new perspectives. By creating mockups and prototypes, the idea then becomes tangible. Only when others take ownership and continue its growth can the idea then be fully realised.

See how we achieved instilled design culture at Cisco.

Strategic Design Sandbox

Drop by our monthly meetup and see first-hand the strategic value of design.

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Our clients

Working with RtP was invaluable to make the step from an abstract idea to something tangible. I was very impressed how the iterative process took my thoughts to the next level. The final prototype not only helped me articulate my idea, but allowed me to see it in a different light.

Kenneth Owens
CTO @ Cisco Intercloud Services
We could not recommend Marta and her team more highly. Their flexible way of working allows us to quickly brainstorm and test new ideas. This means we can get our products beta-tested and then to market quicker than our competitors. RtP are strategically important to what we do.

Jamie Dobson
CEO @ Container Solutions
With RtP you get a lot more than you pay for. We first engaged to develop travel iago's brand and the UI/UX for our iOS app. Our collaboration was improving the business concept and not just the design. Their hands-on approach is extremely valuable where you need to stand out in an often crowded market.

Shahram Anver
CEO @ Travel Iago
Container Solutions, Google, ING Cisco, Weave, Joyent